About Eliiza

We partner with our clients to design, build, scale and optimise data science solutions.

Our Goal Is To Help Businesses And Society Embrace AI

This is more than just technology. It means considering how AI will drive value for businesses and society and be used in ways that are transparent, ethical and fair. It means having in voice in AI-related topics such as jobs of the future, the evolution of education, and the approaches we can take to ensure the intelligence we build in machines is free from human bias.

Lowering the cost of experimentation

You don’t need an army of PhD’s and a multi-million dollar budget to get started with AI/ML. Our iterative delivery approach, harnessing the cloud and open-source frameworks, enables our customers to rapidly experiment and demonstrate the value of AI/ML.

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We’re always keen to start conversations on how AI can help solve real-world problems, or opportunities for technology to impact people in a positive way.