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Case Studies

We’re proud to have implemented technology projects across the ASX100, startups and medium sized businesses. Our customers are really smart people shaping the industry. 

They are the ones with the great ideas, we just help them happen with ideation, strategy, data science, machine learning engineering and analytics.

Because many of the projects we work on could give our clients a competitive edge, some of our clients ask to remain anonymous when taking part in case studies, we are happy to respect their wish for anonymity.  Discover some of our customer success stories below.

Setting up WesTrac to take Generative AI ambition to reality in 6 weeks

WesTrac started the 6 week engagement with an ambition to drive cutting edge LLM usage.

How Machine Learning Enabled Latitude Financial Services to Increase New Product Uptake by 10x

In only seven months, Latitude and eliiza built a new propensity model that delivered personalised offers to customers with virtually no latency, driving a 10x increase in uptake of graduated products.

Data enablement in a Big 4 Bank

We created a image processing pipeline to find and extract, analyse the extracted text and identify information required for the claims process

Streamlined tolling with automatic licence plate recognition

As a future driven organisation, our client made a strategic investment into the development of a technology solution to realise the business value of their data assets.

Enterprise level Integration Service Event Mesh in a big 4 bank

Eliiza worked with Tier 1 Australian bank, providing banking and financial products and services to over 8.5 million retail and business customers, and operating across 33 markets.

Cogstate achieve a clear data strategy and pathway forward

Maintaining current data practices would impact both growth trajectory and introduce risks for Cogstate as it was not set up for a large influx of data and sharing data with key partners and customers was very manual and time consuming

Data Governance uplift in large consumer retailer

The client has identified a number of data quality issues arising from having multiple data sources that are worsened by incomplete migrations off legacy data platforms.

Large global construction company gains ability to story tell data

With hundreds of projects in flight across the globe, a leading international construction company sought our help to gain an accurate and real time view of their business.

Using deep learning to forecast renewable energy generation

The current industry standard for wind generation forecasts is not entirely transparent and relies on wind farm information that’s not publicly available. We looked at how existing models could be improved using deep learning

MLOps and data science at nib health insurance

At nib the existing semi-manual development process became a bottleneck to put increasing data science work into production and deliver true business value

Automating claims processing at nib

We created a image processing pipeline to find and extract, analyse the extracted text and identify information required for the claims process

Prioritising leads effectively at nib​

Our data scientists were able to optimise the model for performance in production without compromising accuracy.

Detecting PII with McGrathNicol

The current process to identify PII or other sensitive data within large volumes of unstructured data can be a time consuming and human resource-intensive process if “traditional” methods are used.

Enhancing the AGL mobile customer experience using Machine Learning

AGL provided Eliiza with a large set of images for training purposes that were representative of the breadth and complexity of the use case