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Large global construction company gains ability to story tell data



Business Problem

In a market that relies on variable energy sources such as wind it is vital to predict future energy production and how this will satisfy demand. With hundreds of projects in flight across the globe, a leading international construction company sought our help to gain an accurate and real time view of their business.

Existing dashboards were not fit for purpose and caused endless confusion, consequently a multitude of internal inefficiencies resulted from needing to clarify key operational and strategic metrics of data science practice and the cohesion between model development and deployment were desired to accelerate the development of data science work and realise their benefits in production

Our Approach

Our initial discovery began by taking a step back from the data, to first understand what business decisions needed to be made. We brought shape to a three phased delivery roadmap by identifying the daily versus strategic and common versus unique decisions between teams. Technical expertise from our partners at Kasna ensured that the data was sound and our solution was future focused. We then brought the MVP to life by iterating on the continuous feedback received from end users.


We helped to bring reliable and role-specific actionable insights where it was needed through the design and delivery of a consolidated analytics portal. Our MVP allowed the executive team of this global company to more confidently make strategic decisions quicker, while also establishing the foundations for expansion into further advanced analytics.

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