Cybersecurity trends in AI with Zane Lackey

Joining us today is Zane Lackey, Co-Founder and Chief Security Officer at Signal Sciences based in New York.

Zane serves on multiple public and private advisory boards and is an investor in emerging cybersecurity companies. He is incredibly well versed in the various trends and advancements in cybersecurity and defending against attacks.

He is the author of Building a Modern Security Program, a how-to in building and scaling effective security teams.

Prior to co-founding Signal Sciences, Zane led a security team at the forefront of the DevOps/Cloud shift as Chief Security Officer of Etsy.

We also have a guest co-host today – Craig Templeton. Craig is the Chief of Information Security Officer REA group and has spent 20 years working in cybersecurity. Safe to say, this episode is stacked with insight into the state of the security industry and what it means for both citizens and businesses.

Here’s what’s discussed in today’s episode:

  • Why it’s been a rough year in the tech industry
  • How the concept of defence and depth has been turned into expense and depth.
  • Why security teams are drowning in too much data and need to focus on what is important.
  • The threat to cybersecurity as a result of automation
  • Privacy risks – how do we eliminate or reduce personal information data?
  • The implications of data corruption
  • Why people may lose trust in machines and avoid using them
  • When the most simple methods in designing defence systems can often be overlooked
  • Should citizens be able to opt out of automated decisions and would they even know?
  • Why legislation needs to catch up with technology
  • How can we better adopt and embrace technology such as DevOps, Cloud, AI, and machine learning?

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