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Generative AI Panel Session

You are invited to a panel discussion at the Mantel Group Melbourne Hub on Generative AI for Leaders: Hype or a Game Changer for your Business 





Generative AI is a rapidly growing field that involves the creation of intelligent systems capable of producing new content, such as images, text, and even music. Across Mantel Group our clients have been keen to understand how they can leverage the emerging technologies in generative AI to benefit their business.

During the panel discussion, we will explore the latest developments in generative AI, its potential applications, and its impact on society. Among our panel of experts, we will be joined by

  • Kendra Vant – CDO at Xero
  • Dr Kobi Leins – Visiting Senior Research Fellow at King’s College
  • Ed Muthiah – Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Eliiza.

Following a panel discussion there will be a chance to socialise and discuss with your peers over cheese and wine while you are joined by our panel experts. 

Meet the Panel

Kendra Vant

  • Icon Person Executive GM Data
  • Icon location Xero | Melbourne

Kendra Vant

Executive GM Data

Kendra is currently busy building the global small business economy, leading the thinking and the delivery on how to use data, machine learning and artificial intelligence at Xero. Over the last 17 years, Kendra has been driving innovation and decision making in data, analytics and machine learning at CommBank, Westpac, Deloitte, Telstra and Seek.

Ed Muthiah

  • Icon Person Senior Machine Learning Engineer
  • Icon location Melbourne

Ed Muthiah

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Ed is a Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Eliiza. In his role he supports enterprises transition proof of concept machine learning projects into production systems through MLOps practices. Ed's background in computer vision and autonomous systems in the Defence sector.

Dr Kobi Leins

  • Icon Person Visiting Senior Research Fellow, King's College
  • Icon location Melbourne

Dr Kobi Leins

Visiting Senior Research Fellow, King's College

Dr. Kobi specialises in the selection, implementation and operation of technologies to drive business edge and international benchmarking to analyse opportunities and risks in face of rapidly changing legal and governance landscapes and data literacy and public sentiment.

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Registration is no longer available as this was a past event.