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We love talking about new and emerging technologies in data.  Here’s a big list of all our brown bag webinars, our podcasts, events we are hosting, guides and explainers – feel free to filter by topic to make things easier to find. 

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Unlocking the Potential: A Guide to Maximising Impact, Realising Value, and Empowering Your Data Science Team

    Unlock the Power of Data Science: Gain a Competitive Edge with Gen AI and Next-Gen Technologies. Learn why businesses are turning to data science, Generative AI (Gen AI), and advanced technologies like ChatGPT for a competitive advantage. Discover the importance of integrating data science into daily operations.

    November 11 2023

What is Data Governance

    What exactly is Data Governance? Why do we need to care about it? And what are some of the challenges that we have seen? In this blog we are going to answer those questions.

    October 10 2023

Unlocking the Power of Data Retention: Your Ultimate Shield Against Data Breaches!

    Data Retention. More than just a buzzword, a robust data retention strategy can be your organisation’s superhero cape, protecting its most valuable asset and ensuring compliance.

    October 10 2023

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