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Eyes of AI with Khoa Le



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It’s no secret that AI is enhancing efficiency across nearly every industry in the world today. Unsurprisingly, that includes dentistry and pathology detection. Khoa Le is the founder and CEO of Eyes of AI, which leverages the power of technology to detect, analyze, and diagnose dental X-Ray images. In this episode, he shares his story, from building his skillset to establishing the idea for Eyes of AI and serving his client base today. We touch on preparation and tracking results, discuss the tumultuous waters of navigating ethics and privacy, and explore the benefits of bringing such a high level of accuracy to differential diagnosis. Khoa gets candid about some of the biggest challenges he has faced while building his company and offers his perspective on the growing influence of AI in Australia and beyond. In closing, he shares his thoughts on the human element of the medical industry and why it will always be necessary. Tune in today to hear all this and more!

Key points from this episode

  • Khoa Le’s career trajectory which led to the founding of Eyes of AI.

  • How Eyes of AI leverages the power of technology for detection, analysis, and diagnosis of dental X-Ray images.

  • What Eyes of AI client base largely consists of.

  • Forming the idea for the product.

  • The company flagship: 3D images. 

  • Preparation and results.

  • Navigating ethics and privacy by using de-identified data.

  • Benefits of the 95% accuracy.

  • What the output provides and why it cannot be considered a final diagnosis.

  • The biggest challenges Khoa has faced in getting Eyes of AI off the ground.

  • His perspective on how the AI industry is growing in Australia.

  • Why a personal connection will always be relevant to the medical field.

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