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Māori Data Sovereignty with Megan Tapsell, Dr Karaitiana Taiuru JP, and Assoc Prof Maui Hudson



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Welcome to another episode from the AI Australia podcast, with your hosts Natalie Rouse and Kobi Leins.

Continuing the conversation from our previous interview on the importance of Indigenous data rights, this time we cross the ditch to Aotearoa New Zealand, discussing Maori data sovereignty and artificial intelligence with three special guests: Megan Tapsell, Associate Professor Maui Hudson, and Dr Karaitiana Taiuru.

They discuss their roles and responsibilities in advocating for indigenous data rights, the challenges and opportunities they face in this area, and the importance of data sovereignty for Maori communities.

Towards the end, they call upon corporations to involve and fairly pay Indigenous people when working with data that impacts their communities.

Apologies for some audio quality issues at times – we experienced some technical difficulties in recording, but are very pleased to be able to bring you most of what we felt was an important & valuable conversation.

Key points from this episode

  • Megan discusses her roles in the Artificial Intelligence Forum for New Zealand and as a General Manager of Tech in a banking area.

  • Megan highlights the importance of including Maori perspectives in developing artificial intelligence and data rights in New Zealand. 

  • Maui talks about his work at the University of Waikato, focusing on indigenous approaches to transforming data ecosystems. 

  • Karaitiana stresses the importance of empowering Maori cultures and using artificial intelligence and data to stop marginalisation. 

  • The hosts and guests talk about the significance of data in shaping the representation and decisions involving Maori communities. 

  • They discuss the opportunities and challenges in implementing Maori data sovereignty, including the difficulty in definition and the potential for positive change. 

  • The discussion further delves into the proactive roles that tribal leaders can have in advocating for Maori data sovereignty. 

  • The need for corporations to involve and fairly compensate Indigenous peoples when working with data that affects their communities is emphasised. 

  • The importance of using the data collected to improve environmental outcomes and address other community concerns is discussed. 

  • The podcast ends with optimism towards continued conversation and progress in the area of Maori data sovereignty and artificial intelligence

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