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This Week in AI Vol 7


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We’re back! After a brief hiatus, Natalie and Kobi talk about some of the recent developments around the legal world with union agreements and lawsuits due to set some initial precedents in different areas.

They talk about the Hollywood Writers strike and the agreement that was reached including use of AI, as well as covering some of the legal action in progress at the moment around IP ownership, copyright and the updated Privacy Act recommendations. They also touch on the right to be forgotten, and the difficulty applying that within vast training data sets.

Natalie attended the Aotearoa NZ AI Summit, and covers some of the guardrails & principles that were discussed. 

Kobi talked about globally the guardrails and principles that will come out of the UN. She also shared a story about Studio Ghibli’s director, Hayao Miyazaki’s reaction to unthoughtful use of AI in his company.

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