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Women in AI APAC Interview Series episode 10 – Dr Tabinda Sarwar



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Eliiza is teaming up with Jewelrock and Women in AI APAC to run a limited interview series in support of the Women in AI Awards 2023. The series will showcase conversations with a number of thought leaders and subject matter experts across industry and academia in Australia and New Zealand on topics like career, the future of AI technologies and the responsible application of AI.

Our esteemed guests are all representing sponsors of the Women in AI Awards, which will be held on 16th June in Sydney for the APAC region.

Our next guest is Dr Tabinda Sarwar, Lecturer/ Early Career Development Fellow (ECDF) at RMIT.


Tabinda Sarwar completed her PhD in Jan 2020 and currently, she is working as Early Career Development Fellow/Lecture at RMIT University. 

Tabinda’s areas of expertise include the application of machine learning and deep learning algorithms for data mining and analytics. She has worked on multiple digital health projects involving heterogeneous data sources (including imaging and free text data) for almost 7 years. This includes creating data-driven solutions for health deterioration detection and prediction for aged care homes in Australia, for which she received RMIT Award for Research Impact. She has worked in computational neuroscience, where she analysed the anatomical and functional behaviour of the human brain. T

abinda is interested in the application of machine and deep learning in biomedicine and digital health for knowledge and information extraction to create high-quality solutions.


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