Machine learning on AWS

At Eliiza, we have extensive experience building and scaling AI/ML solutions on AWS. As a Premier Consulting Partner through our sister brand CMD Solutions, we are able to bring you the full suite of AWS solutions, from DevOps to security to AI/ML.  Examples of how we can leverage the power of AWS’s AI/ML services include:

Uncover insights in unstructured data such as customer emails, support tickets, product reviews, social media, using Amazon Comprehend
Automatically extract text and data from scanned documents using Amazon Textract
Identify objects and scenes in images and video that are specific to your business needs using Amazon Rekognition
Build conversational interfaces powered by automatic speech recognition (ASR) and natural language understanding (NLU) using Amazon Lex
Build, train, and deploy your own Machine Learning models using Amazon SageMaker

Refer to the two examples below of how we assisted nib to harness AI/ML in their AWS environment.

Case studies

Automating claims
processing at nib

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Detecting PII with McGrathNicol

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Scoring customer
leads at nib

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