Machine Learning on Google Cloud

Eliiza has been awarded the Google Machine Learning specialization after undergoing a thorough Google audit process assessing our ability to develop, train and deploy AI/ML solutions on Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Combined with our sister brand Kasna, a Google Premier Partner, we are able to deliver end-to-end machine learning solutions on Google Cloud. View press release.

Eliiza has a proven track record of delivering AI/ML solutions on GCP utilising API services and Auto ML services such as Natural Language, Vision, and Translation, and custom models using Google AI Platform. Examples of how these capabilities can be applied are listed below.

Analyse and draw insights from large volumes of text data. Use cases include call center compliance, customer sentiment analysis, contract automation.
Develop, train and deploy custom data science models. Use cases include fraud detection, forecasting critical business metrics (inventory, demand, pricing) and customer segmentation/recommendation systems.
Analyse image and video streams using deep learning. Use cases include retail analytics, business process automation, satellite imagery analysis.

The following case studies outline how we have applied AI/ML solutions to deliver value for our customers.

Case studies

Enhance mobile customer experience using Machine Learning

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Using deep learning to forecast renewable energy generation

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