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Every business has documents but few businesses have the ability to easily access the data locked away in these documents. Thea unlocks the data in your documents.

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What is Thea?​

Thea is a lightweight, intelligent API that seamlessly integrates with your current systems to automatically sort incoming documents and extract the valuable data your business needs for core processes. 

Thea can process millions of documents per month at a fraction of the cost of manual processing, freeing up your teams to focus on moving your business forward.

The process we take

Thea is built on the foundation of leading cloud services to leverage world class scalability and security complemented with our carefully crafted deep learning models to provide truly intelligent solutions to real industry problems.  

We take data privacy and security seriously.

Thea is hosted by our ISO-27001 certified managed service and security partner CMD.

Thea is stateless by design. No identifiable customer data is stored, ever.

Thea is built on IRAP certified cloud services.

Link to security white paper and certifications held.

How we are different

We combine state of the art cloud OCR services with custom models in a lightweight API  to solve your unique problems. This enables us to solve your use case quickly while tailoring it to your unique challenges and seamlessly integrating with your core systems. 

Thea automatically sorts our documents and extracts key data for student applications with better than human accuracy in a matter of seconds. This is enabling us to automate key elements of our core processes, save time and money and improve the experience for our users and our staff.
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Stuart Nichols - Chief Data Officer, IDP Eduction

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Use the Thea ROI calculator to get a personalised view of how Thea can help your organisation realise better ROI with long-term savings. Adjust the inputs to modify the values below and discover your company’s ROI.

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Explore use cases across industries


Straight-through-processing of receipts used for health insurance claims. Members snap a picture of the receipt and Thea instantly extracts the fields necessary to process the claim.

Legal & Public Sector

Use Thea to sift through thousands of legal documents and contracts, extracting the required fields and phrases for the case at hand. Remove the need for manual searching through documents by highly trained legal staff.

Financial Services

Automatically extract the information required to determine proof-of-income from payslips, such as gross pay, employer name and payment date. Thea  is designed to handle most types of payslip formats.


Detect and flag sensitive personal information such as photocopies of IDs, bank details, credit cards and government forms in large collections of unrelated documents. Have comfort that sensitive PII is not going undetected.


Our solution helps clients extract information (such as first name, surname or data of birth) from identity documents like passports and driver’s licence, or extract result scores from academic transcripts. This significantly reduces manual verification and processing.

Postal & Delivery Services

Thea helps clients automate the extraction of handwritten fields from structured forms.

See Thea live in action

Happy Thea Customers

Detecting PII with McGrathNicol

The current process to identify PII or other sensitive data within large volumes of unstructured data can be a time consuming and human resource-intensive process if “traditional” methods are used.

Automating claims processing at nib

We created a image processing pipeline to find and extract, analyse the extracted text and identify information required for the claims process

Developer Guide

Want to know more? Read the full guide.

Thea integration guide

Learn how to architect your solution using the Thea integration guide.

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