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Cutting edge AI powered products that help your business dig data too

Thea is suite of machine learning models which automatically classifies documents and identifies and extract key fields contained within. 

It is able to be deployed within a client’s own cloud environment or can be entirely managed by us. Use cases include identity document verification, health insurance claim processing, payslip and invoice automation.

Otso detects customer sentiment, contact drivers, complaints and products & services mentioned across multi-channel customer feedback.

The Otso Insight Platform can then be used to uncover emerging issues and validate or disprove operational hypotheses by leveraging interactive dashboards tailored to your use-case and intuitive advanced search functionality.

Depii finds and flags sensitive data in documents. It can detect several PII types out of the box and can be trained to detect client specific types e.g account numbers.

With Depii, sensitive data within documents can be redacted or replaced with synthetic data. Based on serverless technology, Depii can be deployed to customer environment with role-based security.

Voxx automatically summarises call transcripts to save money and ensure that call summaries are consistent and informative for follow up and record keeping.

It can be combined with the Otso Insight Platform, that has dedicated call centre analytics functionality to allow for users to easily search and analyse call centre audio, transcripts and summaries.

When it comes to data, we are super into it, we dig it. We are always curious to know what you are working on and always love to chat.