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Data Governance

Data governance should not be an afterthought. It is crucial to think about data governance early as it lays out the foundations and framework for effectively, ethically, and efficiently managing your data throughout the whole data lifecycle.

Eliminate up to 40% of time spent on non-value adding tasks with a single source of truth and clear roles and responsibilities

Maximise ROI of data-intensive projects by having complete metadata and lineage

Mitigate risk effectively across privacy, security and data investments

eliiza helped to establish a data management and governance function in a short amount of time, and their practical approach and delivery experience meant that they were able to operate as a seamless part of the broader team. This function has helped us set clear data management, privacy and security controls while launching our data platform. Practically, these approaches have helped us to build and share data products in a matter of weeks, not months.
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What we offer

Data & AI Governance Framework – Craft & Launch​

Data Quality, Metadata & Master Data Management

Data & AI Readiness Assessment

Adversarial AI Readiness & Implementation

Ethics frameworks & Ethical AI

Data Management Tool Selection & Rollouts

Security & Regulatory Compliance

In short, what we do​

Organisations can maximise data value, mitigate risk and safeguard their data through proper data management. Data governance works best when it’s tailored to your needs so you can innovate and deliver successful initiatives while staying safe, ethical, and compliant.

In addition to improving data quality, data governance greatly reduces data management costs and helps (correctly) democratise your data as the ultimate goal of data governance is to break down data silos and build a holistic enterprise view of data. With the advent of AI and ML models it is all the more important to establish an effective data governance program to ensure that information and data are used accurately, consistently and ethically. We can help you establish and mature the governance around data and AI.

Let's get into the detail​

Getting data management right can dramatically improve data quality, greatly reduces costs and helps (correctly) democratise your data. A well-designed data governance framework ensures data and information are used consistently and correctly by everyone in the organisation. This helps build trust in the data which is a foundational component to enable and embark on AI and ML capabilities

Data governance assists the organisation by having clear roles and responsibilities in streamlining communication and establish accountability for data including ML models.. It also enables all data activities to be carried out efficiently throughout the data lifecycle.

Leveraging data management best practices, we help our clients maximise the value of their data by proactively optimising their data management practices while ensuring it stays in line with business visions and goals. Data governance helps optimise and elevate all aspects of the data lifecycle, across both BAU and projects.

Key thing to remember - “Don’t let data governance be an afterthought”

We help our clients from understanding their current state, to designing a customised governance solution which is fit for their organisations needs and enables a foundation for advanced analytics and AI capabilities. There is no ‘one size fits all solution’, however by leveraging our hands-on experience in industry and our deep data management expertise, we are confident we can ensure our recommendations are practical and future proof.

What we do​

Our data management experts have extensive practical experiences across various data activities within the data lifecycle, as outlined below. We are well acquainted with the Data Management Association (DAMA) Body of Knowledge (DMBOK) and use it extensively as our guide based on client’s alignment.

Data & AI Governance Framework - Craft and Launch

We craft and help you launch a holistic yet practical data governance framework across executive, management and operational levels, ensuring consistent and high quality data that is crucial for enabling advanced analytics and AI. Eliiza’s experts have practical experience and have had successes not only in building practical and modern frameworks, but also in effectively socialising and implementing the framework.

Data Quality, Metadata and Master data management

These are the most important pillars for managing and governing organisational data. A structured approach and strategies to uplift data quality, manage master data and embed metadata (data about data) are key for organisations to move towards using AI/ML. There are huge benefits to be realised across the enterprise (not just projects) when they are done properly and our experts can show you how.

Data & AI Readiness Assessment

Eliiza’s data management experts understand there is no “one size fits all” solution to data & AI governance, so we always aim to understand your position first. We have robust and tested methodologies and frameworks that can quickly assess our client’s readiness in pursuing your data journey towards AI.

Adversarial AI Readiness and Implementation

Adversarial AI is a set of techniques used to deceive AI systems by exploiting vulnerabilities in the AI model. The impact is costly as the systems can be tricked into making erroneous decisions that favour the attacker’s motives. Most companies do not consider the potential damage and therefore do not implement any strategies to account for Adversarial AI attacks. Our experienced consultants assist our clients in examining the readiness to mitigate these unique risks and assist our clients to secure ML models from adversarial attacks.

Ethics frameworks and ethical AI

Biases can potentially derail or fail a multi-year / multi-million-dollars analytics projects so it is important to stay regulatory-compliant while performing continuous ethical audits throughout the enterprise data lifecycle. Our experts possess both theoretical knowledge and practical experience in this space.

Data Management Tool Selection and Rollouts

Technology has grown in leaps and bounds especially with the advancements in the Big data landscape. Our clients are often confused about the myriad of options available in the market to uplift their data management capabilities, so they seek our advice. Our experienced consultants and technical specialists assist our clients in selecting tools that are fit for purpose, future proof and help them in rolling out the same.

Security and Regulatory Compliance

Our experts have first hand experience in working with various regulators (e.g. APRA) in staying compliant (e.g. CPG 235, CPS 234).

Data is an enterprise asset and should be secured while being democratised enough for various data citizens to do their jobs. Through various engagements and partnerships with leading vendors, Eliiza’s experts ensure access is governed appropriately so enterprise data is secure and analytics use cases continue to run smoothly.

Happy clients

Meet the Data Governance team

Edwin Kurniawan

  • Icon Person Lead Data Consultant
  • Icon location Melbourne

Edwin Kurniawan

Lead Data Consultant

Experience helping businesses build strong data foundations and manage data better. Edwin loves travelling and playing basketball.

Ankita Nandwani

  • Icon Person Data Consultant
  • Icon location Christchurch, New Zealand

Ankita Nandwani

Data Consultant

Ankita is a data consultant with experience in data governance and data management. She loves to cook and travel.

Ramya Mokshagundam

  • Icon Person Senior Data Consultant
  • Icon location Sydney

Ramya Mokshagundam

Senior Data Consultant

Experience in helping clients assess and uplift their data governance and management practices to enable high-impact outcomes through data-driven decision making. In her spare time she loves exploring nature trails or bingeing on the latest Netflix fad.

Venkat Valappady

  • Icon Person Principal Data Consultant
  • Icon location Melbourne

Venkat Valappady

Principal Data Consultant

Experience in advising clients on effective data management and governance approaches to enable business outcomes. Loves playing (& watching) cricket and listening to music

Thomas Maas

  • Icon Person Head of Data and Analytics
  • Icon location Melbourne

Thomas Maas

Head of Data and Analytics

Experienced consultant in developing agile data strategies, data thinking, data-driven transformations, decision intelligence & data storytelling. He loves outdoor activities.

Christina Evans

  • Icon Person Senior Data Consultant
  • Icon location Melbourne

Christina Evans

Senior Data Consultant

Specialises in data modelling, reporting and governance. With years of experience in end-to-end data platform builds, she brings skills that compliment all phases of a platform build - from requirements gathering to dimensional modelling, data access & privacy controls, data cataloguing and more. She also loves travel and adventure!

Emma Fitzsimons

  • Icon Person Senior Data Consultant
  • Icon location Brisbane

Emma Fitzsimons

Senior Data Consultant

Experience in providing end-to-end data governance advice, including policies, procedures and implementation.  This has included building key stakeholder engagement and support for data governance initiatives. Loves walking and exploring new places.

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