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I’m lost, which data consultancy service do I pick?

Whatever stage you are at with data, Eliiza can help. We cover the full data lifecycle and if you’re a bit lost where you are – we’ve tried to explain this using a garden analogy. Need support with strategy, ideation and best practice? Our Data Consulting team will help you get there. Need solid data foundations and platform expertise?  Our Data Engineering team is here for you. Sick of meaningless dashboards? Our Data Science and Analytics team are your storytellers. Want to leverage AI? Our AI and ML engineers can support from proof of concept to production. 

Our services

Data Governance

It is crucial to think about data governance early as it lays out the foundations and framework for effectively, ethically, and efficiently managing your data throughout the whole data lifecycle.

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Data Strategy & Transformation

Quite simply, data strategy & transformation is the process of identifying high priority and fast-time to value use cases of data in support of strategic business goals. We believe in end-to-end solutions where design and delivery go hand in hand.

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Generative AI

Going beyond simple analytics, data science uses advanced modelling and AI to uncover valuable insights from your data.

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Responsible AI

Unlock the potential of AI while mitigating potential risks with our AI Ethics and Governance offering. We combine cutting-edge tools, industry best practice and tailored strategies that empower businesses to navigate upcoming regulation and optimise the advantages of AI. Stay ahead of the curve with responsible AI.

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