Learn from the data experts

At Eliiza, we’ve always focused on our connections. Connection to our people, connections with our customers and connecting the data community. Remote working and social distancing has changed the way we can interact, but it won’t stop us. Keeping the data community connected and continuing to provide opportunities to engage and learn is really important to us.

Next up

Building AI products is hard – but we can do hard things. This is the first team principle for our Eliiza product domain. It’s a weird way to start I know. But necessary, because every person who steps into the domain for a short stint or the long haul, needs to accept this idea. You’re signing up to do hard stuff! If you would like to learn what it takes to build AI products at pace from vision and strategy to day to day sprints, come along to hear about our principle based approach to product development.

We will talk about where we’ve come from, where we are right now and where we would like to go in the future.

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